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Best E-cig Liquid Flavors

Want to hear about the best Best E-cig Liquid Flavors? I’ll tell you my opinion on the best e-juice flavors that I’ve tasted so far. Now these are not only my views but also blogs like ejuice-reviews.com that is an unbiased blog with e-juice reviews that will help you find your all day vape flavors of ejuice you want to vape. When you’re looking for the best e-cig liquids and need a guide to start out these sites help a bunch.

By far the best e-cig liquid flavors are held by my favorite brand the best e-juice vendor Monarchy. These guys have great flavors at great prices. Anyways, I’m ranting and I wanted to talk about my favorite flavors of ejuice for vaping. I love sweet flavors. One amazing flavor is called Sweet Ride. It’s Sweet Ride Jester Juice by Monarchy. This is by far the best cotton candy e-juice flavor I’ve ever tasted. I have to say I tried many, but none compare to this fluffy, sweet, pink and blue blend of cotton candy. Sweet and sugary and brings me back to the days of my youth going to the far and grabbing huge amounts of fluffy, sweet, cotton candy in blue and classic pink.

They have another awesome flavor of e-liquid that I can’t get enough of, and it’s called custard of queens. A vanilla custard flavor that will blow your mind. This is a vanilla custard flavor that is so creamy, and sweet, and has a strong vanilla flavor that always gets your friends asking what your vaping. It is the best custard e-juice available. As far as custard flavors this ejuice can’t be compared to really any other out there. Make sure to try this one out, it’s always out of stock, so if you get the chance to grab it, don’t hesitate. I love this e-liquid.

I’ve found many of my favorite flavors by searching for e-juice reviews and found this site for best e-juice reviews.

Ejuice Reviews: http://ejuice-reviews.com



Why Vape?

Smoking harms almost all the body organs. The lungs are the most affected when a smoker inhales about 4000 chemicals, 70 of which are cancer causing chemicals from a cigarette. Research has shown that about half a million Americans die every year including babies born prematurely because of prenatal maternal smoking. Smoking also increases the risk of stroke and coronary disease from two-four times and of developing lung cancer by 20 times.

vape cigs

Vaping is definitely a healthier alternative to smoking and it has so many benefits over smoking. Vape an e-liquid and it has only four main ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, flavoring and Nicotine. The first, Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet and thick oil derived from vegetables like corn.

Propylene glycol is a common food additive. The flavorings are similar to those used in foods and lastly the pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is a liquid derived from tobacco plants. It is the same liquid that makes people addicted to cigarettes. The Best E-liquids are available in multiple strengths of nicotine so that you can wean yourself off the addiction without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of vaping

E-cigs do not have the distinctive odor. The smoke from cigarettes smells so bad because you are burning tar and other chemicals including tobacco itself. E-cigs on the other hand do not have this odor because unlike traditional cigarettes, you exhale vapor that evaporates immediately leaving no bad smell in your surroundings. So when you vape you’re not bothering other people!

Vaping is cheaper than smoking

The cost of smoking has increased from about $1 per packet in the 90s to about $7 today. This rise in price is attributed to the rising price of tobacco production or inflation and the high taxes. A smoker can spend about $300 or more per month not including the cost of ash trays, lighters and other incidentals.

The cost of vaping on the other hand is about half that of smoking. This is because e-cigs are not subject to any type of tax. Also as technology develops, the cost of e-cigs will continue to reduce.

Vaping is safer and healthier

Unlike smoking, vaping does not involve opening fire flame. This means that you cannot burn, your clothes or furniture when vaping. So you are much safer when you vape. Just grab the best vapor pen.

Smoking is also very harmful to once health. It can lead to certain health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, throat cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, lung cancer, stroke and many others. Here’s a great resource to find the best menthol e-liquid or best tobacco e-liquid to fill your e cigs with. Go here: http://www.ejuice-reviews.com

vapingVaping is becoming popular every single day. When a person  smokes a cigarette, he or she is smoking because the cigarette produces smoke which is bad for them. If they try an electronic cigarette, vaping can be much healthier. For regular smokers that stick with tobacco cigarettes, vaping doesn’t sound fun. Vaping can be much like smoking if they give it a a try. It can definitely become their new best friend. Vaping is actually the healthiest way that you can maintain your smoking habit. Here’s how to start vaping if you would like to stop smoking.

How to start vaping

To get started with vaping, you will need a battery, a clearomizer or type of atomizer, a charger, a drip tip and e-juice. My favorite is menthol flavor, the best menthol e-liquid is SubZero by Halo. Most venders offer starter kits that come with everything needed to start vaping. The only setback for a starter is finding the best e-liquid to vape. So when ordering best e-liquids, find the best venders who sell sample packs. Most venders offer sample packs of various flavors for you to try. It may be a hassle, but once you get the right flavor, you will love vaping.

When you start vaping, it a bit different to your lungs and it may not be recognized because your lungs are used to tobacco smoke. The best tobacco e-liquid will give you the same taste but won’t impair your health. However, you will notice some good changes. Some of the good changes, like more energy, less coughing, and longer breath. You will also experience an improved immune system.

Advantage of having a vape starter kit is that you will have everything required including chargers for atomizer. However, it is always good to compare different companies. Do a research first because you can be fooled by low quality electronic cigarettes. Do not fall for many free trials. To get genuine free trials, you will be asked to give credit card number, but you will not be charged. So make sure you get a vape pen free somewhere reputable.

You can also get support from veteran vapers by joining various discussion forums, blogs and many social sites. There are many vapers ready to help you including some that will give you the best e juice reviews.

The benefits of vaping e cigarettes versus smoking tobacco.

Vaping is the new smoking! Let’s talk about the world of vaping. In this new world that we are creating, digital versus analog, vaping versus smoking,e juice versus tobacco, we are seeing quite a lot of differences. As we progress as a society we are finding things of the past may not be good for us, and we are finding things that we knew were bad for us are actually much, much worse. The introduction of electronic cigarettes also known as ecigs, vape pens or vapor cigarettes, have become the popular and healthy way to continue smoking, well vaping without all the negative effects on our bodies.

While it’ll take years to know exactly how safe, the trials that we have put the vaping supplies and ecigs through are showing very positive results. No one will ever say they are 100 percent safe. Just like in court, you are never innocent, you’re just not guilty. Unfortunately that stigma follows the ecigs whether you’re using best vape pens, box mods, or any other kind of vapor mods.

vaping from a e cig starter kit

The fact is, we can’t definitively say they are 100 percent safe. Most of the reputable companies are producing e liquid and e cigarettes to vape in environments where safety and quality are the number one concern. When you use vape juice that is manufactured in a clean and professional environment you’ll find that the risks are much closer to zero than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

There are some companies trying to get FDA approval, and one company has even been FDA approved as 100% organic. With 100% organic juice and a proper vaporizer, you know you’re much safer than inhaling smoke that comes from something burning. So if you’re still a smoker, think about your long term health consequences for a moment, now think about the much safer alternative vaping the best flavors of e-juice. Personally I love tobacco and menthol flavors. It’s easy to find the best menthol e-liquid and best tobacco e-liquid by checking reviews.

If you’re a hobbyist you can get into box mods and make you’re own ecig. Either way, vaping is the way of the future, and it has so many paths for you to go down.

Find out more about e cigarettes.

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